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Thursday 02 May 2024


Second edition


Authors: M. Mossa, A. F. Petrillo
Book Title: Idraulica (in Italian)
Edition: Second
Publisher: C.E.A. (Casa Editrice Ambrosiana) - Gruppo Zanichelli
Year: 2024
Number of Pages: 592
Page Format: 19.7 x 28.5 cm - 4 colors
Binding: Paperback
Dedicated Website: Interactive exercises in Wolfram CDF format and videos
ISBN for book + ebook: 978.8808.99977.1
ISBN for ebook: 978.8808.98852.2

The second edition of Hydraulics provides all the basic notions of the discipline necessary for those studying Engineering, integrating mathematical treatment with applications and solved exercises. The eleven chapters it consists of cover fluid statics, kinematics and dynamics, physical hydraulic modeling, steady and unsteady flow in pressure conduits, and, introduced in this second edition, potential flows, flows external to bodies, filtration flows, and brief discussions on sediment transport in free-surface flows.

The over 600 color figures that accompany the theorem demonstrations and exercise solutions are essential for learning, as well as the frequent insights (observations, examples, curiosities), the solved exercises at the end of each chapter, and the proposed exercises, whose solutions are available in digital format, along with additional exercises and videos.

The four Appendices are dedicated, respectively, to fluid properties, basic notions of algebra and mass geometry, essential for tackling this discipline, the Reynolds transport theorem, and the global equation of momentum balance.

Stampa Stampa

Michele Mossa
Professor of Hydraulics at the
Polytechnic University of Bari
Department of Civil, Environmental, Land, Building Engineering and Chemistry
Via E. Orabona, 4 - 70125 Bari - ITALY


Coastal Engineering Laboratory
Area Universitaria di Valenzano
Strada Provinciale
Valenzano - Casamassima, Km 3, 70010 Valenzano, BARI- ITALY