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Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is a whole-flow-field technique providing instantaneous velocity vector measurements in a cross-section of a flow.
• The technique is non-intrusive and measures the velocities of micron-sized particles following the flow.

• Velocity range from zero to supersonic.

• Instantaneous velocity vector maps in a cross-section of the flow.

• All three components may be obtained with the use of a stereoscopic arrangement.

• With sequences of velocity vector maps, statistics, spatial correlations and other relevant data are available.

Instrumentation of the new PIV system:

  • DynamicStudio Base Package (Dantec code 9080S0571).
  • 2D PIV Add-on (Dantec code 9080S0581).
  • FlowSense EO 4M-32 (Dantec code 9081C0141).
  • Nikon lens 60 mm.
  • High dual-channel performance (Dantec code 9138A0617).
  • Timer Box, incl. Timer Card Cable Box and 4x10m BNC (Dantec code 9080N0772)
  • Nd: Yag Laser Head with 532nm laser light emission with power up to 200 mJ with included attenuator, adjustable mirrors, interchangeable flash lamps
  • Set of optics for Laser Nd: Yag able to generate plans of divergences from 5 to 35 degrees, interchanging the optical modules.
  • Power supply system for Nd: Yag laser, with remote control, which allows the supply of power up to 200m J per pulse at a frequency of 15Hz.
Instrumentation of the first PIV system:

  • Camera equipped with CCD (Charge Coupled Device) Double Image 700, equipped with a Nikon 60mm lens; this camera has a chip with 768 x 484 pixels, or photosensitive cells, with the size of a single pixel equal to 11.6 x 13.6microm
  • PIV 2000 signal processor Processor controller from DANTEC Measurement Technology, complete with peripheral synchronization controllers, National Instruments AT-GPIB / TNT plug and play interface board and power supply. It can house up to four correlation cards as well as as many input buffers for a maximum total of six cards. This processor is able not only to calculate the correlation of an entire matrix 1024x1024 pixels, but also to make available the vector field resulting in a time of the order of 350ms.
  • Laser Continuum Pulsed mini cavity with double cavity Nd: YAG (solid state), with an output of 20mJ for 532nm and 40mJ for 1064nm for pulsation, with a pulse duration of 3-5nsec for 532nm and 4-6nsec for 1064nm; it is equipped with a closed circuit water supply and cooling system.
  • Interface card Personality Module of DANTEC Measurement Technology, which allows the use of multiple camera models whose characteristics are optimal for PIV type measurements. The memory block installed for the input buffer is of 32 mega pixels, expandable up to 128.
  • Process computer with a software package known as FlowManager ver.2.01 from DANTEC Measurement Technology.

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