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Width=2.4 m; length=50 m; depth=1.2 m.
2D wavemaker:
• Number of modules = 1
• Number of paddles = 4
• Paddle width = 60 cm
• Wave front length =  2.4 m
• Hmax=30 cm

The wave-maker, of "piston" type with purely translational motion, consists of 4 paddles each 0.60 m wide and is able to generate a wave front of 2.40 m. Each paddle is moved by a synchronous servomotor (model AKM 73Q by KOLLMORGEN) controlled by a digital servo amplifier (model S724 by KOLLMORGEN). The motion transfer from each servomotor to the relative paddle takes place by means of a linear movement unit, of the ball screw drive type without guides, with an effective stroke of 1,500 mm and treatment for corrosion protection. The control electronics is made up of an integrated controller "NI PXIe-8135 Core i7-3610QE 2.3 GHz Real-Time Embedded SW" of the PXI Express type, with the possibility of implementing the controls of the linear handling units through the "EtherCAT" standard . The wave motion generation management software was developed by the "AM3 Spin-Off" of the University of Florence.

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