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Tuesday 03 March 2009

The magazine La Domenica del Corriere 30 Aug. - 6 Sept. 1908


  • Drought in the city of Bari...
  • Water crisis in the city of...

La Domenica del Corriere , a magazine wanted by Luigi Albertini, managing director of the Italian newspaper "Il Corriere della Sera", appeared on the newsstands for the first time on 8 January 1899. It had 12 pages and was distributed free of charge to subscribers of the Corriere della Sera, or it could be bought with 10 cents of Italian pounds at the newsstands.
It was not exactly an information magazine, but was released as "the Italian weekly", marking as a calendar their happy days, their tragedies, their small and big events.
The cover page was always drawn: the young designer of the "Corriere della Sera" was Achille Beltrame, unknown at that time, to whom was entrusted the task of drawing the cover of every issue, illustrating the most interesting event of the week.
In the issue 35 of year X of the "Domenica del Corriere" (30 August to 6 September 1908) the Beltrame‘s draft related to the "persistent drought in Puglia: the urge to buy water along the streets of Bari (Piazza Mercantile)”. Below you can flip through that historical issue of the "Domenica del Corriere" and see also the famous Beltrami‘s picture.

The photo reported above on the right side is from the newspaper "La Repubblica" (July 13, 2007, page 14, section: news item) and shows a photo similar to Beltrami‘s picture of the "Domenica del Corriere" of 1908. The photo related to the water crisis that hit the city of Taranto in July 2007. In some areas of Taranto, such as Borgo and San Vito, the water was distributed with trucks, since it did not arrive in the citizens‘ house conduits.

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